Thursday, August 25, 2011

quick hit: fresh air on the New Apostolic Reformation

A recent interview with Rachel Tabachnick on National Public Radio's Fresh Air explored the political activism of the far right evangelical group known as the New Apostolic Reformation -- a group with which Texas Governor and presidential hopeful Rick Perry has some affiliation.

You can access a full transcript online at the Fresh Air website. From the piece that accompanies the interview:

An emerging Christian movement that seeks to take dominion over politics, business and culture in preparation for the end times and the return of Jesus, is becoming more of a presence in American politics. The leaders are considered apostles and prophets, gifted by God for this role.

The international "apostolic and prophetic" movement has been dubbed by its leading American architect, C. Peter Wagner, as the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Although the movement is larger than the network organized by Wagner — and not all members describe themselves as part of Wagner's NAR — the so-called apostles and prophets of the movement have identifiable ideology that separates them from other evangelicals.

Read the rest at NPR.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

thesis PDF files: now with three options!

I now have three options for accessing the PDF of "How to Live?" (aka my thesis). DropBox now contains the full thesis (one large file) and files of the thesis in sections (five smaller files). Here are the links:
If neither of these download options work for you, I should be able to email you the five-part version without maxing out attachment limits or inbox capacity. So once again, if this is your preferred method of receipt just leave me a message in comments or send an email to feministlibrarian [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll get you squared away.


Friday, August 19, 2011

tech update: dropbox, email, and pdfs

First of all, welcome! The update of the OE Alums Facebook page seems to have sent a lot of you this way in search of my thesis. I'm looking forward to hearing what y'all make of it. I hope very much that it's a work in progress and will have future lives - and your feedback will help me think about how to move forward with my research.

Meanwhile, some unforeseen technical difficulties: a number of you have reported getting an error message ("The file is damaged and could not be repaired.") when you tried to download the PDF of my thesis from DropBox. I've opened it through several browsers in a couple of different locations since yesterday and everything looks good ... so I'm thinking it's the size of the file (39 MB) that is causing the issue for people. Unfortunately, the nature of the problem means I can't email it to you either - because the file exceeds the attachment limit of most email systems.

What I'm going to do is break the PDF into chapters and see if that helps with the download issue. Since I don't have the full Adobe program on my computer, this will mean a bit of fiddling and may take a week or two before I have a chance to get to a library that has the right software. In the meantime please please please feel free to message me on Facebook, email me (feministlibrarian [at] gmail [dot] com), or leave a message here at the blog and request a copy. I'll keep a master list of folks' names and email addresses and be in touch as soon as I've worked out alternatives for document delivery!

If only I could just walk it across the road ...

Thanks so much for your patience,